Sydney Metro Projects: Barangaroo

  • Discovery of historic 180 year old boat at Barangaroo

  • Excavation of boat at Barangaroo

  • Set of steps that descended from Clyde Street into the harbour providing public access to the water at Barangaroo. Facing east, scale is 500mm

  • Sandstone foundations of mid 19th-century cottages at Blues Point Sydney

  • Shipbuilding detritus on Cuthbert's wharf c.1850s

  • Front room of William Langfords house 1834.

  • Shipbuilding detritus on Cuthbert's wharf c. 1850s

The Project

Casey & Lowe was commissioned by AMBS Ecology & Heritage, on behalf of John Holland CPB Ghella, to excavate the sites for Sydney Metro City Southwest at Blues Point, Barangaroo and Pitt Street North.

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The Sydney Metro & City Southwest project.

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A 180-year-old timber boat was uncovered during excavation works for a new Sydney Metro station  located west of Hickson Road, Barangaroo – the oldest boat of its kind ever found in NSW.

The boat is believed to have been built in the 1830s and is the oldest known example in NSW of an Australian-built, small European-style timber boat that once moved around Sydney.

Historic 180-year-old boat uncovered in excavations for Sydney Metro station at Barangaroo
Blues Point

Casey & Lowe were commissioned by AMBS Ecology & Heritage, on behalf of John Holland CPB Ghella JV, to undertake historical archaeological investigations at the Temporary Works Site, Blues Point Reserve, Blues Point Sydney.  The later phases of archaeological remains at the site were assessed as being of local heritage significance, while any substantial remains associated with Billy Blue’s occupation were assessed as being of potential State significance.

Blues Point, North Shore, 185090, Robert Hunt. Source: Mitchell Library SPF/799
Pitt Street North

Casey & Lowe were commissioned by AMBS Ecology & Heritage to undertake historical archaeological investigations at the Pitt Street Station North site 252-256 Pitt Street, 40-48 Park Street and 173-175 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. The archaeological resource of the site was assessed as being of local heritage significance.

Evidence for three phases of architecture was uncovered including: early 20th Century (1909) modifications and repurposing of an 1850’s structure as a cinema; mid-19th Century sandstone footings and interconnecting cellars; a circular well cut into the natural clays; and footing trenches, postholes and the base of a sandstock brick-barrel drain representing 1822-1833 cottages and a hotel.

Part of 'Harper's Map of Sydney' drawn in 1823 showing the historic lots in blue. The study area comprising Section 32, Lots 15–21 shows the extent of housing and the township by this time. Harper 1822/23 SZ 435, SANSW.


As part of the Sydney Metro Project, Casey & Lowe undertook this excavation in conjunction with AMBS Ecology & Heritage. We also worked closely with Cosmos Archaeology maritime archaeology on the Barangaroo Project.


The photos used in this report are by the Casey & Lowe excavation team. Other images in the preliminary report are from the Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW.

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Sydney Metro Projects: Barangaroo




Barangaroo, Blues Point and Pitt Street North