Archaeological Advice

Identification of Archaeological and Heritage Issues

Clients frequently ring us to advise them on the archaeological requirements and we can organise to discuss requirements with the NSW Heritage Office and/or local council.

Explanation of Archaeological Issues

Heritage and archaeological legislation in NSW is complicated and it is difficult for clients to be across all areas or to understand what certain conditions mean. Because of our extensive experience and expertise we can demystify the process by explaining, in plain English, conditions of consent, relevant provisions of the NSW Heritage Act 1977, suggest which sections of the Act are relevant to a particular project and recommend an appropriate course of action.

View of Union Street in 1919 prior to demolition. Nos 64-66 Union Street at the far right appear to be single-storey from the front but from the rear are two-storey dwellings. No. 62 Union Street is immediately to the left of these two houses. City of Sydney Archives, CRS 51, Demolition Books, 1900-1949, NSCA CRS 51/764.